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  • RICOH Refill Staples Type K (12 NEW BOXES)

    Item Condition:  In Working Condition
    Manufacturer:  RICOH
    Model:  Refill Staple Type K

    3 Cartridge Refills; 5,000 staples per cartridge; Box yields 15,000 staples. For Use With: 3025, 3030, 3035, 3035SP, 3045, 3045SP, Aficio 1022, Aficio 1027, Aficio 1035, Aficio 1035P, Aficio 1045, Aficio 1045P, Aficio 1060, Aficio 1075, Aficio 1224C, Aficio 1232C, Aficio 2022, Aficio 2022SP, Aficio 2027, Aficio 2027SP, Aficio 2035, Aficio 2035e, Aficio 2035eSP, Aficio 2035sp, Aficio 2045, Aficio 2045e, Aficio 2045eSP, Aficio 2045sp, Aficio 2051, Aficio 2051SP, Aficio 2060, Aficio 2060SP, Aficio 2075, Aficio 2075SP, Aficio 2090, Aficio 2105, Aficio 2228c, Aficio 2232c, Aficio 2238c, Aficio 3224C, Aficio 3228C, Aficio 3235C, Aficio 3245C, Aficio 3260C, Aficio Color 5560, Aficio Color 5560V, Aficio MP 2500, Aficio MP 2500SPF, AP3800C, AP3800CD, AP3800CDL, AP3800CDT1, AP3800CDT2, AP3800CMF, AP3850CD, AP900, CL7000, CL7100, CL7100D, CL7100DL, CL7100DT1, CL7100DT2, CL7200, CL7300, GSA 3035G, GSA 3045G, GSA Aficio 2035G, GSA Aficio 2045G, GSA MP 2554G, GSA MP 3054G, GSA MP 3554G, GSA MP 4001G, GSA MP 4054SPG, GSA MP 5001G, GSA MP 5054SPG, GSA MP 6054SPG, GSA MP C2800G, GSA MP C3001G, GSA MP C3002G, GSA MP C3003G, GSA MP C3300G, GSA MP C3501G, GSA MP C3502G, GSA MP C3503G, GSA MP C4000G, GSA MP C4501G, GSA MP C4502G, GSA MP C4503G, GSA MP C5000G, GSA MP C5501G, GSA MP C5502G, GSA MP C5503G, GSA MP C6003G, GSA MP C6501, GSA MP C7501, MP 2352SP, MP 2510, MP 2510P, MP 2510SP, MP 2510SPF, MP 2510SPI, MP 2550B, MP 2550SP, MP 2550SPF, MP 2553SP, MP 2554, MP 2554SP TE, MP 2554SP TE for Education, MP 2851SP, MP 2852, MP 2852SP, MP 3010, MP 3010P, MP 3010SP, MP 3010SPF, MP 3010SPI, MP 3053SP, MP 3054, MP 3054SP TE, MP 3054SP TE for Education, MP 3350B, MP 3350SP, MP 3350SPF, MP 3351SP, MP 3352, MP 3352SP, MP 3353SP, MP 3500, MP 3500G, MP 3500P, MP 3500SP, MP 3500SPF, MP 3500SPi, MP 3554, MP 3554SP TE, MP 3554SP TE for Education, MP 4000B, MP 4000SP, MP 4000SPF, MP 4001SP, MP 4002, MP 4002SP, MP 4054, MP 4054SP, MP 4054SP TE, MP 4054SP TE for Education, MP 4500, MP 4500G, MP 4500P, MP 4500SP, MP 4500SPF, MP 4500SPi, MP 5000B, MP 5000SP, MP 5000SPF, MP 5001SP, MP 5002, MP 5002SP, MP 5054SP, MP 5054SP TE, MP 5054SP TE for Education, MP 5500, MP 5500SP, MP 6000, MP 6000SP, MP 6001, MP 6001SP, MP 6002, MP 6002SP, MP 6054SP, MP 6054SP TE, MP 6054SP TE for Education, MP 6500, MP 6500SP, MP 7000, MP 7000SP, MP 7001, MP 7001SP, MP 7500, MP 7500SP, MP 7502, MP 7502SP, MP 8000, MP 8000SP, MP 8001, MP 8001SP, MP 9001, MP 9001SP, MP 9002, MP 9002SP, MP C2000, MP C2000 SPF, MP C2500, MP C2500EFI, MP C2500SPF, MP C2800, MP C2800SPF, MP C3000, MP C3000EFI, MP C3000SPF, MP C3001, MP C3002, MP C3003, MP C3003SP TE, MP C3003SP TE for Education, MP C3004, MP C3300, MP C3300SPF, MP C3500, MP C3500EFI, MP C3501, MP C3502, MP C3503, MP C3503SP TE, MP C3503SP TE for Education, MP C3504, MP C4000, MP C4000SPF, MP C4500, MP C4500EFI, MP C4501, MP C4501A, MP C4502, MP C4502A, MP C4503, MP C4503SP TE, MP C4503SP TE for Education, MP C4504, MP C5000, MP C5000SPF, MP C5501, MP C5501A, MP C5502, MP C5502A, MP C5503, MP C5503SP TE, MP C5503SP TE for Education, MP C6000, MP C6003, MP C6003SP TE, MP C6003SP TE for Education, MP C6004, MP C6501SP, MP C7500, MP C7501SP, Pro C550EX, Pro C700EX, SP 8100DN, SP 8200DN, SP 8300DN, SP 9100DN, SP C811DN, SP C811DN-DL, SP C811DN-T1, SP C811DN-T2, SP C811DN-T3, SP C820DN, SP C820DNLC, SP C820DNT1, SP C820DNT2, SP C821DN, SP C821DNLC, SP C821DNT1, SP C821DNX, SP C830DN, SP C831DN. Old printer discontinued and replaced with new one. Does not support same model number.

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